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Supplements For Planted AquariumsPlanted aquariums can provide a fantastic visual appeal and add an environment to the aquarium that your fish will just love, but there is an increased amount of maintenance that goes with owning a planted aquarium.

Just like regular garden plants your aquarium plants will need fertilizer and supplements at some stage to be able to flourish and grow in the aquarium environment

There are many trace macro elements and micro elements that plants need in order to survive in the aquarium. 

When aquarium plants are deficient in these trace elements they will start to show signs of stress, leaves may start to fall of the affected plants which can pollute the water when they decay or the plants leaves may start to turn yellow which is a good sign that these is a deficiency in the environment.

Nitrogen this element is present in many forms in the aquarium environment and can be absorbed by the plant through ammonia, urea and nitrate, aquarium plants that are nitrogen deficient will show signs of yellowing on the leaves and stalks along with stunted plant growth, nitrogen deficiency can be corrected with the appropriate fertilizer, we recommend seachem flourish nitrogen ideal for all planted freshwater aquariums.

Potassium is important for plant growth in the aquarium with around 5-10mg required per liter of aquarium water a lack of potassium in the environment is indicated with perforated leaves which start from small black dots on the leaves, for plants deficient in potassium we recommend. seachem flourish potassium for maintaining vigorous plant growth in the aquarium.

Magnesium is required by all aquarium plants and plays a very important role in photosynthesis which is required for plants to turn CO2 into oxygen which in turn feeds the plants and removes carbon dioxide from the environment.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include yellowing and discoloring of mature leaves but leaving the plants leaf veins green, a great product for over all plant health including magnesium deficient plants we recommend, seachem flourish growth supplement

Iron is part of the group known as micro nutrients of which iron is the most important, these nutrients are required by all auarium plants but only in very small amounts, these trace elements along with copper, manganese and boron are required for growth in the plant for plants that are deficient in iron we recommend seachem flourish iron supplement.

Aquarium plants that are lacking this important micro nutrient iron will start to produce decreasing amounts of chlorophyll in new shoots, the new shoots will lose there bright green color and start to turn yellow or white in color and in a case where the environment is severely lacking iron your aquarium plants will be stunted in growth, this can be fixed by adding liquid fertilizer to the environment..

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