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Keeping Your Tropical Fish HealthyWhen you decide to setup a tropical aquarium in your home you are creating a miniature ecosystem and maintaining that systems integrity is important for the health of the occupants in the aquarium.

You need to feed them the right food and the required amount of food for a healthy diet, you need to keep the tank clean at all times, the water needs to be changed on a regular basis and you need to maintain the equipment servicing the aquarium.

There are certain factors that when not performed properly or that are overlooked can cause the aquarium to become unhealthy for the occupants inside.

The environment inside your aquarium is often full of different types of bacteria these bacteria usually work together in harmony to remove waste from the fish, ammonia from the water and decaying plant matter in the aquarium.

When these bacteria start to get out of balance or a new foreign bacteria is introduced to the environment this can cause problems with your tropical fish immune systems which can in turn cause diseases.

The number one most common cause for foreign contaminants entering the aquarium is introducing new fish into the aquarium with out a quarantine period, you should have a small tank setup for this purpose and keep any new fish in quarantine for at least 14 days.

This quarantine period should also be used for aquarium plants as well as any new fish species you never know where any fish or plants have come from and they may be diseased but by containing them in quarantine for two weeks these diseases may show up before the are introduced to there new home in the main aquarium.

Key factors for maintaining a healthy environment within the aquarium include feeding your fish the correct fish feed for the species of fish and not over feeding as this will cause pollution in the aquarium water.

Providing enough room in the aquarium for the size of the fish and the amount of fish living in the aquarium a tank that is to small will be harder to maintain properly than a aquarium that is to large, small aquariums pollute the water easily and it is more difficult to maintain the right temperature in the environment.

Water quality can play a large role in keeping your aquarium healthy, the ph level of the water needs to be kept in check, water that is to alkaline or acidic for the species living in the aquarium will cause stress that can lead to diseases.

The water in the aquarium needs to be changed on a regular basis to remove pollutants and ammonia from the environment, you do not need to recycle all the water but replace around one quarter of the volume every month at least or every two weeks is even better.

When recycling the aquarium water, any water that is taken from your home needs to be dechlorinated first there are two ways to achieve this you can store water in buckets for four or five days and the chlorine will evaporate or use a dechlorinator that is mixed with the water. 

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