Soil Substrates For Planted Aquariums

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A fully planted aquarium can be a real eye opener but there is alot of work required in caring for aquarium plants, these aquatic plants are very much the same as the plants that grow in your garden.

They have very complex root systems that bury themselves into the substrate of your aquarium and absorb nutrients these nutrients are essential for the plants survival and play a large role in the environment of your aquarium.

The type of substrate in your aquarium plays an important role in the Nitrogen Cycle as this substrate acts as a medium for the bacteria need to remove ammonia build up within the aquarium.

The substrate is also important for fish species in your aquarium particularly any bottom feeders like types of catfish these fish need the substrate in order to find there food by foraging through the substrate material.

Fluval Stratum For Planted Aquariums

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Fluval Startum is a great granule based substrate suitable for most planted aquariums this granulated substrate allows the plants roots to penetrate through so they get all the nutrients required for healthy plants.

Fluval Stratum has been carefully selected and refined to enhance the look of any aquarium the substrate will not cloud up the aquarium water, and contains fragments of driftwood to give the water a slight acidic PHthis is ideal for most plants and fish species. 


Carib Sea Eco Black Aquarium Substrate

Eco complete planted black substrate is designed to help aquatic plants build strong root development the substrate is very rich in nutrients which will benefit any aquarium plants growth the substrate as all the right minerals or fantastic looking plants.

The excellent performance of Eco complete can be put down to its composition of volcanic soil, this soil contains minerals like calcium and iron, potassium and magnesium and other elements to nourish and care for your aquarium plants. 

Seachem Flourite Black Substrate

Seachem Flourite Black is a neutral aquarium substrate the product will not alter the PH level of you aquarium water but note that the product can initially partly cloud the aquarium water however this is only temporary and will clear over a few hours.

The product contains a wide variety of nutrients to maximize plant growth and stimulate a healthy root system, we recommend that you thoroughly clean this substrate before placing into the aquarium this will minimize any clouding of the aquarium water.