Freshwater Sharks For Home Aquariums

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Tropical freshwater sharks are a great addition to your home aquarium they come in a range of brilliant colors and sizes, these sharks are unlike there saltwater name sake they are not man eaters

The Red Tail shark is most common shark used in the home aquarium they have a jet black body with a bright red tail there scientific name is Epalzeorhynchos bicolor they grow to a maximum size of around 120 mm in length.

The Red Tail Shark likes a heavily planted aquarium and an environment that has drift wood and rocks and they are very territorial so a maximum of two fish in a very large aquarium one in a small aquarium.

Red Tail Shark

Bala Shark these species of tropical freshwater sharks are also common in home aquariums they have a dull grey body with striking black strips running down there fins this shark species grows to a larger size than the Red Tail shark to around 300 mm.

The Bala Shark requires a large aquarium they are very active through out the day and usually a peaceful fish, they need to be grouped with similer sized aquarium fish or they may be eaten by the shark. 

Bala Shark

The Rainbow Shark has a jet black body like the Red Tail Shark but the fins are a very bright red color they need a large aquarium with plenty of room as they grow to around 150 mm in length and are an omnivore.

The Rainbow Shark is predominantly a bottom feeder and they are very territorial like most of the tropical shark species so they should not be mixed with other sharks and at most two in a large aquarium.

Rainbow Shark