Aquarium PH Control And Testing

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Aquarium PH ControlPH is a standard measurement used worldwide to test water quality for acidity and alkalinity, in the wild the natural water sources for lakes and rivers originate and flow over different terrains which causes the PH level to differ.

When water is referred to as neutral the PH level is 7.0 any reading under 7.0 is regarded as acidic and any reading over 7.0 is regarded as alkaline.

When stocking your aquarium you need to take into account where your fish stocks have originated from in order to get the ph level correct.

Some aquarium tropical fish species require a low acidic reading of 5.5 while others like more alkalinity at around 8.2 and in order to get these levels right you need to test the water. .

PH levels can change dramatically in new aquarium setups, tap water will have different ph levels around the world and simply adding aquarium decorations like substrates, driftwood stones and rocks will alter the PH level.

New tanks need to be monitored for ph levels every two weeks or so particularly when cycling the aquarium, established aquariums can be tested around every five weeks or when driftwood or rocks have been added to the environment.

The API freshwater test kit listed below is a great all in one aquarium water tester, this kit helps to monitor water quality through five testing stages you can monitor PH and PH high range levels, Ammonia levels, nitrite and nitrate levels, this is a great testing kit to keep with your aquarium. 

The PH level in your aquarium can interact with ammonia levels when the ph gets to low and into the acidic range the ammonia is NH4+ which is acceptable to aquarium fish, but when the ph levels rise to alkaline levels the ammonia levels get more concentrated which can be deadly to the aquarium environment.

The easy way to test Ph levels is with PH test strips these strips can be purchased online, all you need to do is immerse the strip into the aquarium water and the strip will return a color bar you simply match the color on the strip to the corresponding color on the guide that is supplied with the kit this will tell you the correct ph level within your aquarium.

Aquarium PH Control And Testing

When you find that your aquarium ph levels need correcting there are several methods to ajust the ph in the water if you have a canister filter system with pods you can purchase products that drop into the filter to lower or raise the ph levels, as the water passes through the filter it will condition the aquarium ph levels the levels will need to be checked regularly to keep within the required readings.