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Preventing Aquarium DiseasesMost fish diseases occurring in your aquarium can be traced down to stress, this stress weakens there immune systems to the point that disease can take over if the stress regularly occurs or they are under stress for long periods of time.

The source of this stress can originate from many areas, poor water quality, improper aquarium setup, the wrong filtration system for your fish tank

Overcrowding of the aquariums environment, too much light or light that is to strong and aggression from other inhabitants of the aquarium can also cause stress.

Poor water quality is a big trigger for disease in the aquarium environment but one that is easy to fix, perform regular water changes in the aquarium, you should replace around one quarter of the tanks volume at least once per month with dechlorinated water.

Regular testing of the water quality in the aquarium is always a good idea there are testing kits available to test the water PH level, phosphate levels and ammonia levels keeping an eye on these levels can prevent unwanted toxic build up in the environment which can trigger diseases. 

Regular maintenance of the filtration system should be carried out monthly, you should replace the mechanical media which in usually coarse foam pads or rinse out the impurities from the first stage of the filtration system as this stage can get clogged with sediment and prevent water flow through the filter.  

Replace the chemical stage with new activated carbon, but do not replace the biological stage media as this is the culture for beneficial bacteria that processes ammonia and other toxins in the environment replacing this filtration media may require nitrogen cycling of the environment. 

Particular care should be taken when introducing new fish species and plant species to the aquarium, if you have a large fully planted community aquarium you should also have a small isolation or quarantine tank, any new fish or plants should be left here for a least one week, if they show any signs of disease you can treat them here before they infect the community tank.

Preventing unwanted stress in the aquarium starts with the aquarium landscaping make sure there is sufficient plants in the aquarium for small species to hide in, plants also help to improve the water quality, create a landscape that the fish will feel at home in, do research on the species you are going to use in the aquarium as some species will bully others in the aquarium.

Owning aquariums are an important responsibility you need to keep the environment clean by vacuuming up the sediment and decaying organic matter from the substrate, clean algae from the glass surface, change the water regularly, do not over feed the fish, regularly test the water quality for toxins like ammonia, keep an eye on the PH level, when all these tasks are performed as they should be you significantly reduce the chance of diseases in the aquarium. 

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