Accessories For New Aquariums

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Aquarium AccessoriesThere are many accessories required to run your new aquarium effectively, out in the rivers and lakes where the majority of aquarium fish and plants originate from the ecosystem is usually balanced and self sustaining.

However with in the aquarium environment that you setup in your home there are many tools and accessories required to achieve this balance and to give your aquarium all that is needed.

The aquarium stand is a very important part of any tropical aquarium setup, tank stands can be made of wood or steel, purpose made timber cabinets are ideal for smaller tanks and all the accessories can be hidden away inside the cabinet but for larger tanks steel is the best way to go, a robust steel framed aquarium stand will take the weight of larger aquariums better than timber cabinets will.   

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are very important for any size aquarium setup the filtration system cleans any waste, ammonia and nitrate from the aquarium water and circulates the clean water around the aquarium and is essential for heathy fish within the aquarium environment.

The type of filtration system needed will be determined by the size of the aquarium, the species within the environment and by the aquarium type, a freshwater aquarium requires a different filtration system than a marine aquarium setup.

Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are essential for all aquariums for both fish activity cycles and for the healthy growth of aquarium plants, around twelve hours of light is needed for the average aquarium they are best connected to timers for hands free operation the most cost effective solution for the aquarium are led lights they are both light weight and cost very little to run.

Aquarium Heater and Thermostat

Tropical aquariums in most countries will require a aquarium heater and thermostat to control the water temperature depending on the species of fish you intend to keep in your aquarium, this is essential to keep tropical fish alive if the water is to cold or to hot they will not survive, a thermometer is also required to keep a close eye on the temperature and adjust when necessary. 


The aquarium substrate is what covers the bottom of your aquarium and depending on the species of fish and type of live plants that you intend to keep in the aquarium may vary from coarse gravel to fine sand, some fish species like to forage for food in the substrate and some live plants require a fine substrate to grow.

Aquarium Plants

Planted aquariums serve two purposes the first is that live plants in the aquarium mimic the environment from where the fish species originate from, the plants provide shelter to smaller fish species, provide a place to lay there eggs and play host to snails and other aquatic life that help to balance the aquarium for est performance and efficiency.