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Best Aquarium Stands And CabinetsAquarium stands are available in many configurations to suit the many types of aquariums available on the market, the size of the aquarium that you have will determine the dimensions of the aquarium stand required.

The aquarium should comfortably sit inside the top of the aquarium stand particularly with glass aquariums which will place excess strain on the aquarium if not fully supported around the base of the tank.

There are two types of materials that aquarium stands can be manufactured from the traditional wooden aquarium stand this is usually made from water resistant fiber board or plywood and is shipped in a flat pack to be assembled in your home.

Solid steel aquarium stands are popular for larger aquariums as this material is more durable and robust and will take the abuse of a watery environment, with steel aquarium stands you do not get hidden storage like in the traditional cabinet stands for the filtration systems.

Aquatic Fundamentals 50-65 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This Aquatic fundamentals aquarium stand is made for aquariums with a maximum capacity of 65 gallon, the wide front doors make for easy access of the filtration system and storage space for food and other essentials. 

The finish on this aquarium stand is both modern in appearance and very durable the sleek design will look great in any home, the design will suit glass or acrylic aquariums. 

Sauder Select Aquarium Stand, 75, 90 and 110 Gallon

The Sauder aquarium stand is specifically designed for larger aquariums from 75 gallon to 110 gallon capacity, the platform is constructed from water resistant materials to withstand water splashes from the aquarium.

The two side pods feature adjustable shelving to accommodate various heights for aquarium accessories and the large double front doors open to a spacious storage area for aquarium filtration systems. 

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 29 Gallons

This sturdy metal aquarium stand is both durable and strong the stand features adjustable feet for easy leveling of the aquarium, a sleek and modern design this stand will look great in any room.

The Brooklyn metal aquarium stand is a flat pack which is very easy to assemble, this stand is for 29 gallon aquariums but they manufacture a stand for most aquarium sizes the great thing about a steel stand is he durability around a water environment.

Imagitarium Brushed Steel Look Fish Tank Stand, Up to 55 Gal

This aquarium stand features a modern brushed steel look, the aquarium stand is built strong and has a durable finish, this sleek and elegant design would suit any home and is designed for aquariums up to 55 gallons in capacity.

There are two compartments hidden away behind the front doors the side compartment is ideal for aquarium accessories like fish food and cleaning gear while the main compartment has plenty of room for the filtration system and other essentials. 

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