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Aquarium filtration media removes debris and toxins from aquarium water that would other wise pollute the aquarium environment, every aquarium that supports fish and plant life needs some sort of filtration system.

Filtration systems usually have three separate stages for processing waste from fish and plants and to remove ammonia and other toxins that form in the aquarium water, these three stages are vital for any filtration system to function effectively.

The first stage is a mechanical filter which is a coarse foam pad that removes large particles and sediment, the second stage involves chemical filtration this is usually activated carbon to remove toxins, the third stage involves beneficial bacteria that live on biological media in the filtration system. 

Aquatic Experts Premium Dual Density Filter Pad

Aquatic Experts dual density filter media is the first line of defense in any filtration system, this dual layer foam provides a coarse foam layer to trap large particles of debris suspended in the water colum and a fine foam layer to catch sediment that is suspended in the water and removes these particles before the water enters the next two stages of filtration.

This filter foam is a top choice for many aquarium enthusiasts world wide, the media is high quality and is made of very durable polyester there are no added dye coloring added to this media so will not discolor the aquarium water. 

Marineland Diamond Blend Activated Carbon

Marineland diamond blend activated carbon is your second line of defense in any filtration system this chemical filtration is designed to remove toxic ammonia and impurities from aquarium water that would other wise be toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

This product was designed for pure performance the carbon is bituminous coal based carbon that is heat activated in the warm aquarium environment activated carbon will make your aquarium water crystal clear it is advised to pre wash any chemical media to remove dust that may be in the media before using in the filtration system. 

Fluval Biomax Biological Filter Media

Fluval biomax filter media is the third stage of filtration the biological stage, these bio rings are manufactured from ceramic and are very capable of supporting massive amounts of beneficial bacteria the rings are designed with channels and tunnels for maximum surface area.

The biological stage is kick started with the nitrogen cycle before any fish or plants are added to the environment, this biological media houses the good bacteria that breaks down the nitrite to nitrate so this media is a culture, when cleaning the filtration system only give this media a light rinse in clean freshwater as they need to repopulate the aquarium once the filtration system has been cleaned. 

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