Acrylic Or Glass Aquarium Which Is Best

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Arcylic Aquarium or Glass Aquarium Which Is BetterGlass Aquariums

Aquariums can be made from traditional glass or from the more modern alternative material acrylic, knowing the pros and cons of each material will go a long way in helping you the consumer make a better choice.

Lets start with the most common aquarium or fish tank material glass, the glass aquarium has been around or along time now so what makes glass an ideal material for your aquarium.

Glass has a great property it has an extremely durable and hard surface this property makes glass great for surfaces that can be scratched easily like your aquarium.

There are stones and pebbles in the aquarium that fish spit out, abrasive cleaning tools to clear algae and grime from the aquarium surface these all have the potential to scratch the surface of your aquarium.

The extremely hard and durable surface of a glass aquarium makes for excellent clarity when looking at the inside of the aquarium an old tank will look just as good as a new tank as the glass surface does not dull or fade over time.

The downside of using glass as an aquarium material is weight glass is a liquid that has been cooled down and liquids are very dense, for small aquariums that will stay in one place for long periods this is fine but for extremely large aquariums that may be moved from house to house this can be a mission as the tank will be very heavy.

Glass is extremely fragile it can take the massive weight of water bearing down over the entire surface but one sharp knock from a rock hitting the aquarium wall will result in a shatterd aquarium and one very wet floor.

Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic is a modern material that as many advantages and disadvantages over the traditional glass aquarium, acrylic is a type of super strong clear plastic the biggest advantage is your aquarium can be molded into various shapes like a curved front and acrylic is considerably lighter than glass for the same surface area.

Acrylic aquariums have a tendency to scratch very easily as he surface is not as hard and durable like glass, when cleaning the surface of your acrylic tank you need to be very careful not to get stones or grit under the cleaner that can cause scratches on the surface.

Acrylic aquariums have a refraction index close to that of water and this means that when viewing your aquarium from the outside the image you see is not distorted as the light is not refracted several times which is a problem with glass aquariums which can distort the image depending on the angle of view.

The cost of purchasing acrylic aquariums is considerably more expensive than purchasing a glass aquarium of the same size and the cost increases substantially with custom made acrylic aquariums compared to a custom made glass aquarium.